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ISSUU allows us to digitally share with you entire programmes from days of festival past, so please follow the links below to take a glimpse at our history…

Shorter+Sweeter 2006
Short+Sweet Sydney 2007
Shorter+Sweeter 2008
Short+Sweet Sydney 2009
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Short+Sweet Sydney 2013
Short+Sweet Queensland 2014
Short+Sweet Sydney 2014
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2014 Press Releases

Short+Sweet Gala Finals Release

Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2014 Week 8


Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2014 Week 6

Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2014 Week 5

Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2014 Week 4

Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2014 Week 3

Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2014 Week 2

Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2014 Week 1

Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2014 Release

2014 Gala Results

Best Actress Runner Up: LAUREN O’ROURKE (from Wild Flowers)

Best Actress: LYNDA LEAVERS (from Moonage Daydream)

Best Actor Runner Up: RICHARD CARWIN (from Therapist)

Best Actor: NAT JOBE (from Guided By Voices)

Best Script: BLABBERMOUTH by Cerise de Gelder

Best Director: TOM RICHARDS (for Moonage Daydream)

Best Newcomer (Male): DREW HOLMES (actor from Advanced Top 80 week 1)

Best Newcomer (Female): ROBYN PATERSON (writer/actor of The South Afreakins, overall Wildcards 2nd place)

Overall People’s Choice Winner: THERAPIST and GUIDED BY VOICES

Overall Wildcards Winner: THE BLUE BALLOON



Theatre Gala Tonight, Variety Gala Tomorrow

The Theatre Gala Final is the best 12x plays from S+S Theatre, including the judges’ picks, the overall audience favourites and the overall Wildcards winners. See below for the run-down:

Short+Sweet Gala Finals Write-Up

The Variety Gala is 12x of the best works from our Dance, Theatre and Cabaret festivals. See attached for the run-down of this amazing night:

Short+Sweet Variety Gala Write-Up




2014 Theatre Gala Results

Gala Winners

Gala Results

People’s Showcase/ Wildcard Finals

Peoples Showcase Wildcards Finals Results

Peoples Showcase Wildcards Finals Votes

Week 8

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