Gala Finalists

**Introducing our Gala Finals participants so far!**

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Wish LowRes-7

Being first up in our Gala Finals is Bokkie Robertson’s “Wish”. Exploring the nature of celebrities and a dying girl’s final wish, Rebecca Wright, directs Christian Heath as Jack Grant, and Ally Morgan as Stephanie Anderson, a young girls whose ‘Make A Wish’ wish isn’t exactly as expected.

Next in is the political satire in song and dance, “Screamers!” Gavin Vance wrote and Screamers!directed this Red Roar production, which features Joseph Chetty, Jackie Vance and Taras Jones. With costumes by Jacques Thong and Dorothy’s shoes made by Dan Jones, this play discusses recent Australian political events and looks at the potential political turbulence ahead. A camp and crazy mash up of Mad Max & Wiz of Oz was designed to help you let off some steam and laugh about it all!

TransactionsAfter sweeping the floor at Short+Sweet Hobart, we are thrilled that “Transactions” has made its way up to our Gala Final. A lonely man is visiting a prostitute. He’s trying to buy the life he’s dreaming of; she’s tired of playing the strange role he wants. Tonight he can only afford ten minutes, and it’s not going to go as planned. Written by Scott McAteer and directed by Ingrid Ganley, this Hobart Quartet production stars Ivano Del Pio and Karissa Lane.

The BridgeFrom Week 5 of our Top 80 we have “The Bridge” by Jessica E Anderson. Penny has put a lot of thought into her suicide. She has even memorized the lines to a pertinent Coleridge poem. Or so she thought. An unexpected encounter with Roger, who knows his Coleridge well and always travels with a snack, gives them both time to think before they jump. Sharlene Zeederberg directs Peter Condon and Katharine Babatzanis.

ManstruatingRelationships – they are a merry dance. There’s give and take, but sometimes you need to think outside the box when your feelings are on the line. Curl up with your ice cream and hot water bottle as Adam Szudrich’s Manstruating” joins us at the Gala Final. Directed by Grant Wilson is a cast of Emma Playfair and David Owens. Speaking Freely

“Speaking Freely”, written by Jack Kelly and directed
by Serhat Caradee is our sixth entrant to the Gala Final, showing us what we are really thinking when on a disastrous date! Starring Krystle Hill as Kelly, a woman searching for love, but finds herself on the worst blind date of her life with Blake (Hunter Mcmahon). Also starring Sebastion Angborn and Amanda Collins as the conscious of Kelly and Blake.

From week 7 of our Top 80 we have “Truth of Dare”, written by Brian Haydon and directed by Bendeguz Divenyi-Botos and Rhys Cohen, and brought to us by BendeguzIndustries.Three friends play an innocent Truth or Daregame on a boring rainy day. After securing second place in audience votes, “Truth or Dare” placed first in the Judges’ Choice and will be seen again at the Gala Finals!

Unforgettable”, brought to 09 UNFORGETTABLE PUB-1us by Shady Palms Productions will be joining the Gala Finals from Top 80 Week 8. Inspired by real-life stories, “Unforgettable” was a funny, bold and moving look into dementia and the lives of Flo and Cecil – two 80-something year old pensioners with many a song to sing and a lifetime of stories to tell. Join them as they talk family, memory, love and life in the nursing home. This piece was written, directed by and starred Stephanie Priest and Drew Holmes, with co-direction by Chloe Perrett.



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