Wildcards Finals

Alternate Serve

Heading into the Wildcards Finals from our first week of Short+Sweet Sydney 2015 is “Alternate Serve” written by Paul Madden and directed by Michael Whalley. Are we entitled to complain about the food at a charity dinner – and is the waiter to blame? Starring Craig Hall (Waiter) and Simon London (Brett).

Wildcards Week 2 brought us the Pee Buddieshilarious buddy comedy,“Pee Buddies”. Following a desperate man as he enlists the help of a co-worker to conquer his embarrassing fear. Written by Shane Murphy and directed by Jon Emmett, the cast is made up of Reece Lyndon, Scott Dias and Jon Emmett. Winning both the People’s and Judges votes, “Pee Buddies” won the title of the Wildcards Winner, and earned a place in the Short+Sweet Sydney Gala Finals!

Coming out on top of a Judges’ tie, as determined by the audience votes, “Shirley vs the Squirrels” is in our Wildcards Finals from Week 3. Written by Camilla Maxwell and Shirley Vs The Squirrelsdirectedby Kel Vance. Debby Tilley, Margareta Moir and George Trippis demonstrated how, in an ongoing battle for her prize-winning garden, Shirley attempts to enlist the help of her daughter and son-in-law to protect and defend her crops from those shifty, yet at times cute, bastards called squirrels. “Shirley Vs. The Squirrels” earned a place in the Gala Finals through the People’s Choice vote!

Lost PropertyWildcards Week 4’s “Lost Property” has found its position in our Wildcards Finals. The clothes don’t make the man…unless you’re Superman and you’ve had your costume stolen in the locker room of a Sydney train station. Towhat extremes will the dashing defender go to save his threads and his dignity? Written by Robert Luxford and directed by Grace O’Connell “Lost Property” stars Nick Wright (Superman) and Jenae O’Connor (Clerk).

Darling Daughter Daisy” from One Carriage Productions is in the Wildcards Finals from our great Week 5 programme. Since Daisy’s dad left her and her mum for White Box Lady, it’sDarling Daughter Daisybeen tough. How’s a little girl to cope with such emotional turmoil? Cue Maisie, a great friend with no strings attached… Well, sort of. Debbie Neilson also starred in this piece, directed by Luke Reeves.

Big things come in small packages for our sixth Wildcard finalist, “Gnome Matter What”. Written by Donatella Parise and directedGnome Matter What by Robert Teicher. Xenia Bevitori, Nicolas Francois and Jim McInnes star in this love triangle about 3 garden gnomes that magically come to life! A romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of being a garden gnome statue and wanting love as well as other things!

“Winter Retreat”, a heart-warming story of Jessica and Jim, who meet at a Meditation Retreat far from their home, both trying desperately to get past a significant tragedy. An unlikely friendship is formed when Jessica and Jim discover that perhaps they can hold that forgiveness space for each other until they are ready to let go of their hurt and move on. Written by Abigail Somma and directed by Anne Brito, this play stars Nell Nakkan and Edric Hong. Tying first place for the Judges’ Choice along with “Feather”, “Winter Retreat” had the greater audience votes and will be joining us at the Wildcards Finals!

Sally thinks that offering a delicious cup of coffee to her housemates was a friendly gesture. Oh, how wrong can she be…“Put That Coffee Down” rounded out our Act 1. Written by Toast D’Bechamel and directed Glenn Groves, this play stars Kim-Cuong Do (Ava), Jessica Gray (Hunter), David Bond (Martinez) and Jo Elizabeth Finnis (Sally). Taking out second place in our Judges’ Choice, and taking the lead in our People’s Choice, Put That Coffee Down might just have that extra shot at the Finals!

Our ninth and final play of the evening is “Aggie” by Golden Jam Productions. Aggie want’s Sev, Joe wants Aggie, Sev just wants his poptarts! Adapted from Chekov’s short story “Agatha” under the guidance of Hilary Bell, “Aggie” is a modern day farce about love, fidelity, fear of commitment, and delicious treats. Starring Natalie Freeman, Joseph Louis Westwood and Jacob Thomas, “Aggie” is written and directed by Nicola James.

Mark and Charlotte had a fight at dinner. But will Charlotte get the chance to say what she needs to say? For Kevin. #WWKD “I See You” is written by Amy Maddison. Directing a cast of Jessica Saras (Charlotte) and Thomas Atkins (Mark), was Julie Zimmerman. Thanks to PM-Partners for rehearsal space, and The Dapper Brothers for their artwork.

Take Two”, is the final Wildcard play making its way into the Finals. A couple discovers that reconciliation can be tricky–especially when a pre-nup is involved. The piece has been written by Chris Shaw Swanson and directed by Marcelle Wever.

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