People’s Choice Showcase

Wherefore Art Thou Oh Writing Inspiration

Wherefore Art Thou Oh Writing Inspiration” from Centrique Theatre was our first entrant into the People’s Choice Showcase. Written by and starring Jeffrey Hampson as the playwright William Shakespeare, and directed by Courtney Powell, this play explores the source of his inspiration. If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if I act as a fool, shall inspiration not come?  So Says The Sea

Rachel Welch’s “So Says The Sea” represents Week 2 in the People’s Choice Showcase. James Hartley directs a cast of Maddy Stedman, Aleks Mikic, Petrie Porter and Alex Cubis. Escaping to the sea with her best friend after being dumped, Dee runs into two British boys that are also escaping the past. A fateful kiss changes relationships and lives forever.

Our third entrant is “God: The Performance Review”. Written by Allan West, the piece is directed by Simon Doctor and features Benjamin Bonar (Jason), Leyla Hart-Svensson (Ms Parkes), EdithGod: The Performance ReviewHueck (God), Nick Wright (Mr Maxwell). Pandemics, climate change, terrorism and countless wars (not to mention Justin Bieber!) have not impressed God’s employer, Universes Incorporated. Something must be done quick smart if God wants to avoid a work-for-the-dole program. This was God’s Judgment day, corporate HR style!

“Another Day Out With The Mates” is our fourth entrant into the People’s Choice Showcase. Following eight criminals who are in weekend detention along with yet again another new Another Day Out With The Matesshy field officer this piece is written by Marcia Neilson and directed by her daughter, Debbie Neilson, of Mumandbub Productions. This play features the huge cast of Richard Littlehales (Winterbottom),Victor Moore (Crabtree), Luke Reeves (Horne), Kerry Russell (Wepu), Alannah Robertson (OfficerSnodgrass), Pauline Gardner (Sister Absist), David Berry (Condon), Glenn Wanstall (Cockburn), James Walkom (Swindle), Les Davidson (Brownscombe), and AmTaggedylea Griffin (Officer Huntsmen).

Fifth up in the running is Russell Bell’s “Tagged”, exploring the fact that no secrets are safe from social media. Directed by Steven Tait is a cast of Jack Douglas, Ally O’Brien and Mark Longhurst. With the second highest number of votes, “Tagged” made it through to the Short+Sweet Sydney 2015 Gala Finals!

A Bug’s Rights”, a hilarious play written by James Hartley and directed by James Shepherd, has crawled its way into the People’s Choice Showcase. A cantankerous judge meets his match when a cracA Bug's Rightsk addicted lawyer pushes for a universal declaration of insect rights. But neither of themcould anticipate the lawyer’s client; the provocative and radical Jorge the beetle. This play was presented by Upper Crass Theatre Company, and stars Tom Green, James Hartley, and Bendeguz Devenvi-Botos.

After winning the hearts of our audiences, we are thrilled that“Scratch” secured a place in our People’s Choice Finals! Scratch is a A black comedy about the bleak future of contemporary cinema. When a suspicious, black Chrysler pulls up out the front of hisScratchhouse, couch potato, James, figures he owes money to the wrong people. The truth is far more severe. Presented by Thieving Monkey Theatre Company, this play was written and directed by Tom Green. With the highest number of votes, “Scratch” won a place in the Short+Sweet Sydney Gala Finals and earned the award of Overall People’s Choice!

06 SNAIL MAIL PUB-1“Snail Mail” is the final Top 80 play to make its way into the People’s Choice Showcase, from our Week 8 programme. Ray & John met by chance. Time and distance brought their friendship closer. What follows is an adventure around the world and deep into the human heart. This heartwarming tale is by Peter Bloem. Bobby Babin and James Belfrage are directed by Luke Berman, this was a Black Box Theatre production.

 It’s a question of growth. Or, should I say, an overgrowth. When Jane visits a waxing salon for the very first time she encounters the owner, Major Sawquatch with some quite unexpected results. “Major Sawquatch And House of Wax” rounded out our first act. Written by Sarah Pember and directed Dudley Levell , this play stars Sue Broberg (Major Sawquatch), Clare Tamas (Jane) and Olivia Gorman (Renee). “Major Sawquatch” ranked 5th in the Wildcards People’s Choice votes, earning a spot in the People’s Choice Showcase.

“I Wish My Mum Had Two Broken Legs” has also made its way in thorugh the Wildcards audience votes, coming in at tied 6th place in the overall People’s Choice votes. This touching story demonstrates the idea of hope and dreams, all through a young girls perspective and the help of her friends. Written by Cara Jeffrey, directed by Natalie Hanlon and starring an ensemble of Marlo Brown, Gabrielle Bartlett, Jennifer Hicks, Rebecca Levy, Mitchell Jacka, Jessica Hanlon.

A Chinese Girl Walked Into A Café…” She walked into the cafe. Is she Chinese? Is she Asian? Is she an foreign intelligence agent doing deep-cover work for ASIO? This play, written and directed by Toast D’Bechamel, with a cast of Rosemary Ghazi, Reich Webber-Montenegro and Isaac Owen, rounded out our shows for the evening. See it again at the People’s Choice Showcase, earned through a tie for 6th place in the Wildcards audience votes.

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