Short+Sweet Sydney 2015!

Short+Sweet Theatre is the biggest short play festival in the world.

Producing 160 brand new 10-minute plays through January and February 2015, Short+Sweet will bring to life scripts that have never before been seen in Sydney. With over 300 writers and directors and close to 600 actors involved, Short+Sweet Sydney truly is the biggest little play festival in the world!

Here you will find all the latest new, articles, reviews and photos from Short+Sweet Sydney 2015!

For further details regarding Short+Sweet Sydney visit

Top 80 or Wildcard Weeks 1-4 – January 2015
Visit the New Theatre, Newtown – 542 King St, Newtown NSW 2042
Phone 02 9519 3403
Book Online HERE

Top 80 or Wildcard Weeks 5-8, People’s Choice Showcase or Wildcard Finals – FEB-MARCH 2015
Visit the Factory Theatre – 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville NSW 2204
Phone 02 9550 3666
Book Online HERE

For further details, contact
Pete Malicki | Festival Director

Alana Teasdale | Festival Coordinator


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